Ayodhya Verdict is “India’s Victory”, says Jamiat Ahlehadees Chief

New Delhi — The president of India’s Jamiat Ahlehadees Hind Moulana Asghar Ali Mehdi said on Saturday that the historical Ayodhya verdict that permits construction of the Hindu temple at Babri mosque’s place is “India’s victory”, at NSA chief Ajit Doval’s residence in Delhi.

Asian News International (ANI) tweeted Moulana’s video where he mentioned that “India is Father of the World”, while the Arabs refer to Egypt as “Mother of the World”.

India’s Supreme court passed judgement on Saturday that the 2.77 acres of land where Babri mosque was demolished on December 6 1992 should be given to the Hindu community to build a Temple of their deity Ram. And a five acres of alternate land was given to Sunni Waqf board to contruct the demolished mosque.