In Saudi: Women alone can book hotel without Mahram but no official reports on men and women sharing same room

Riyadh — Saudi Tourism Ministry has recently approved a law which allows foreigner women arriving on tourism to book hotel without the need of a Mahram or a male guardian, however there is no official announcement of allowing stranger male and female to share the room together.

Okaz Arabic daily reported that, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) will now allow women, who arrive in the Kingdom for tourism, to stay in tourism accommodation facilities on her own without the need of a mahram.

According to the new law, it is mandatory for the Saudi woman to present her original national identity card or her family registration while the foreigner women should present passport when they apply to stay in the tourism facilities.

“SCTH has asked tourism accommodation facilities not to provide accommodation to women who do not hold identification papers, unless they are accompanied by a male relative, whose data ought to be registered”, Saudi Gazette reported.

However, there is no official announcement to endorse the loose media reports that stranger male and female can stay together in one room.