“What’s happening in Kashmir is an atrocity. Not much to celebrate this August 15th”, Salman Rushdie says


London — The infamous British Indian writer and the darling of Hindutva ideology Salman Rushdie tweeted on Thursday that the things happening in Kashmir is “an atrocity”, and there’s “not much to celebrate August 15th” this year.

“Even from seven thousand miles away it’s clear that what’s happening in Kashmir is an atrocity. Not much to celebrate this August 15th,” Rushdie tweeted.

News18’s senior editor Pallavi Ghosh asked Rushdie, who he is to tell “us” Indian about it.

The co-founder of AltNews, Pratik Sinha responded to Ghosh’s comment that, Rushdie is an individual who is expressing what he feels about Kashmir, if people who are sitting far away cannot express, then why PM Modi attend NRI gatherings.

Rushdie incurred the wrath of the Muslim world for writing “Satanic Verses” in 1988, the Fatwas were issued against him calling for his death. However, British Government then took him under their protection.

Since then, Rushdie enjoyed being the darling of the Hindutva ideology, but his Thursday’s tweet angered them.

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