Poor family gets Rs. 128 Crore electricity bill for using a fan and light in India’s UP state


Uttar Pradesh — Electricity connection to a poor family in north India’s Uttar Pradesh has been cut off for not paying bill worth 128 Crore Rupees electricity bill, despite the old-aged couple claim that they only use a fan and light.

Shamin who lives with his wife Khairunnisa told ANI news agency that they were shocked to receive electricity bill of amount 128,45,95,444 Indian Rupees.

“No one listens to our pleas, how will we submit that amount? When we went to complain about it, we were told that they won’t resume our electricity connection unless we pay the bill,” Shamin told ANI. 

“I am running from pillar to post but no one is listening. It seems that the electricity department wants me to pay the bill for the whole Hapur,” he added.

Khairunnisa said, “We only use fan and light. How can the amount be so high? We are poor. How we will pay such a large amount,” she said.

The electricity department got embarrased for getting negative media coverage. They called it a technical failure which can be fixed within a short period of time.

“This must be a technical fault. If they provide us the bill we will issue them an updated one after rectifying the technical fault in the system. This is no big deal. Technical faults do take place,” Ram Sharan assistant electrical engineer said.

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