First Muslim Astronaut Prince Sultan bin Salman of Saudi Arabia releases book “7 Days in Space”


Riyadh — The first Muslim astronaut Prince Sultan bin Salman of Saudi Arabia published a book titled “7 Days in Space” which describes his personal experiences before, during and after the launch.

The 63-year-old Prince Sultan, son of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulazeez and the elder brother of Mohammed bin Salman, decided to published the book during the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

According to a report by Arab News, the book is filled with pictures that take readers behing the scenes of what a space mission is really like. It includes personal recollections and phontos fo the royal family throughout his expedition. Prince Sultan published the pictures of gifsts his parents gave him along with a copy of the Holy Quran to carry into the space.

Prince Sultan travelled into the space as a payload specialist in 1985 and spent seven days, plus 1:38:52 hours in the space.

The intro of the book was written by the late Prince Sultan bin Abdulazeez, and the remarks by King Fahd, King Abdullah, King Slaman and Princess Sultana al-Sudairi – Prince Sultan’s mother.

After Prince Sultan returned, he was hailed as hero in the entire Arab world. However, he still flies his own planes to keep his passion going. He is now director of Saudi Space Agency.

The book is set to release soon in all the major bookstores as well as on Android and Apple stores.

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