Israel brutally destroys 830 Residential units in Gaza


Gaza — Israeli airstrikes on Gaza has completely destroyed 130 residential units and partially destroyed 700 others, leaving thousands of Palestinian families homeless during the latest aggression, under the excuse of targeting Hamas units.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza, Israel’s machinery targeted over 300 concrete structures which included houses, buildings, security headquarters, civilian institutions, agricultural lands, and other infrastructure.

Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing has issued a detailed report on Monday about the havoc caused by Israeli strikes.

Currently, all public services teams are working to remove the rubble of the destroyed buildings and houses.

On the other hand, 27 Palestinians were mercilessly murdered in the Israeli airstrikes on the enclave, the slain Palestinians include a fetus, two babies, children and women. Meanwhile, 156 others were seriously injured due to the Israeli aggression.

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