Pakistan to modernize 30,000 Madrasas, ban hate-speech and radicalization


Rawalpindi – Pakistan Government has announced on Monday to take control of over 30,000 Madrasas or Islamic schools by introducing modern education, banning hate-speech and laying out career opportunities for Madrasa graduates similar to those graduating from private schools.

Pakistan’s military spokesperson Gen. Ghafoor told reporters at military headquarters in Rawalpindi that, “the government of Pakistan has decided that these madrasas will be mainstreamed. The religious schools will come under the purview of the ministry of educations and incorporate other subjects into their syllabus.”

“An Islamic education will continue to be provided but there will be no hate speech,” the Gen. Ghafoor added

Modernizing Madrasa education is a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan where modernization is deemed as imitating the western culture, but the society fails to understand that the Madrasa graduates go through a mental inferior complex when they witness highly competitive rat-race in the society.

The Pakistan’s move to modernize Madrasas in order to provide better career opportunities to their graduates encourage youth to join Madrasas and stand shoulder to shoulder with the competent society.

Pakistan has always faced violent opposition for harboring radical Madrasas and war-mongering preachers, eventually the PM Imran Khan has started making the image-correction by bridling the radicalization and hate-speech schools.

Last month, Pakistan Government has taken control of 182 Madrasas and detained more than 100 people.

Gen. Ghafoor also said that Pakistan would pay for the Madrasas by diverting cash to education from the cost of anti-terrorism security operations, which are less necessary because militant attacks have sharply declined in recent years.

“We want to end violent extremism in Pakistan and that will only happen when our children have the same education and opportunities,” Gen. Ghafoor enthused.

The Government will present the legislation in next month in the parliament to finalize syllabus and appoint teachers and plan the finances.

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