New cheapest Hajj category to be launched by Saudi Govt for local pilgrims

Jeddah — Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Ministry will introduce a new cost-effective Hajj category for local pilgrims without compromising on the quality and services of the existing Hajj services.

According to Abdurrahman Al-Haqbani, chairman of the Coordination Council for Domestic Hajj Companies said that the fourth category will be introduced for this year’s Haj so that a larger number of Saudi and expatriate pilgrims can perform the obligatory ritual at a much affordable rate without compromising the quality of services.

There have been three major categories of Hajj services for domestic pilgrims—general, facilitated and the low-cost.

The e-portal for Hajj registrations for local pilgrims will be opened on Ramadan 15 i.e. May 20, and there are total 193 companies and establishments qualified to provide services for local pilgrims in the cheapest price.