US-based Indian Doctor cites Prophet Mohammed in an interview as his Leadership model

Miami – Interview of a Indian Doctor based in Florida-US has appeared in the Jackson Health System Leadership Newsletter under “Leadership Spotlight” section, wherein he attributed his success to the leadership examples set by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

32-year-old Dr. Mudassir Ghouse, from Hyderabad, completed his Master of Public Health (MPH) in 2012 from Florida International University Miami, United States, and later started to work at Jackson Health System, where he has headed a team to serve around 4000 patients in the Miami-Dade correctional system.

“Prophet Mohammed has been my biggest influence. He is the only man who has successfully preached, practiced, and established justice and equality in all realms of life. He was a true leader with the abilities to move forward looking past color, position and power,” said Dr. Ghouse when asked—“What leader has influenced you? Why?”

He explained the three greatest attributes which a leader possess and he makes his elbow-grease efforts to adapt those attributes.

“Compassion, Integrity, and Empowerment are the three greatest attributes in a leader,” he enthused.

His father, Mohammed Kaleemullah Zafar, who served in Saudi British Bank in Riyadh has expressed gratitude towards God for his son’s extra-ordinary talents.

When asked, “what advice would you give someone aspiring to become a leader”?

He replied, “My advice is, be a people’s leader, inspire team members to reach higher, dream bigger, achieve greater. Helping others succeed is the biggest success!”.

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