Kerala Police nabs two runaway RSS workers for throwing bombs on Police station

Kerala – An RSS worker was arrested on Sunday in Kerala for hurling bombs at the Police Station during shutdown called by Hindutva outfits protesting against the entry of women into the Sabarimala Temple.

The district functionary of RSS, Praveen and his associate Sreejit were involved in throwing bombs on Nedumangad Police Station in January.

The two criminals were arrested then they were escaping from Thamapanoor Railway station.

Earlier, Police issued a public circular to help locate Praveen after CCTV footages showed him throwing around four bombs at the Police station during the clashes with the Communist Party of India.

Along with the public circular, a special investigation team was formed to track the Sangh operator.

The violence erupted when Supreme Court lifted ban on the entry of females into the shrine of the Hindu deity Ayyappa, where only males are ritually permitted to visit.

Since Ayyappa was born out of both the males – Shiva and Mohini (female avatar of Vishnu), visit of females to the temple is considered an abomination.