Saudi Police raids secret Halloween party in Riyadh

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Riyadh – Saudi Police have arrested total 24 people from a private resort from the Thumama area of Riyadh for conducting a secret Halloween party on Saturday night.

According to local media reports, two Saudi men, one Sudani man, one Yemeni man, one Egyptian man, 19 Filipino women rented a private ‘Istiraha’ or resort to organize a secret Halloween party. All the participants were invited through social media advertisement.

Among the arrested were, men and women from different nationalities in their horrific Halloween costumes. Also, there were illegal foreigners.

Neighbors heard heavy commotion and loud music from the resort, eventually, they called Police. Police immediately arrested all the organizers and participants.

Halloween parties and new year celebrations are strictly prohibited in the Kingdom.

According to the, many Saudis voiced their displeasure on Twitter following the online publication of photos of the costumed partygoers, who were reportedly attendees of the Riyadh party. Others voiced concern that the party may have been serving alcohol, which is illegal in the Kingdom.

Embassy of Philippines in Riyadh issued a warning circular to its nationals to strictly refrain from unsanctioned gatherings in Saudi Arabia, that involves mixed gatherings, consuming alcohol, and holding public practices of traditions that are against Islam such as Halloween, Valentines and Christmas.