Living hell of Mohsin Sheikh’s family: The first lynching victim in Modi’s regime


Do you remember Mohsin Sheikh? Probably the first person in Modi’s regime who was lynched in Pune. Mohsin, who had just landed a job at Wipro, was on his way back after Namaaz to his room in Pune. Members of Hindu Rashtra Sena lynched him outside mosque.

Initially, 22 were arrested and jailed. Now, only two are behind bars, The rest are out on bail. Bombay High Court granted bail to three of them saying that the accused do not have a criminal record and it appears that in the name of the religion, they were provoked and have committed the murder

Maharastra Government had extended help of Rs 5 lacs immediately after Mohsin was killed. But they have received no assistance since then. They have completed all the formalities with the concerned authorities but they have not seen the money.

Mubin – Mohsin’s brother – works as a sales executive in a Maruti Suzuki showroom in Solapur, earning a salary of Rs 8,000. However their monthly expenses are Rs 20,000. His mother always cry that if his son would’ve been alive, their life would’ve been better.

Sadiq Shaikh (Mohsin’s father), 63, is indebted to two of his family friends. Sadiq, therefore, is considering selling his 30-year old plot. “I cannot rely on my friends forever,” he said. “I have to return their loans.”

They have spent more than 50000 in the case and charges have not been framed yet. They have challenged the bail in Supreme Court, hearing has not started yet. This is how a family whose surname is not “Tiwari” is suffering because their son got lynched.

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[Taken from Shamsheer Gaya’s tweet @shamshir_gaya ]

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