Saudi cleric Al-Qarni lambastes Turkey’s Erdogan for selling Islamic issues with mere talks

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Riyadh – The famous Saudi cleric Ayed al-Qarni lambasted Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan for his close relations with Iran and Israel, and for participating in the destruction of Libya, Yemen and Syria.

Al-Qarni posted a six-minutes video on social media in which he condemned Turkey’s regional policy and its President, and regretted that he was deceived by Erdogan like other Muslims.

The video was later translated in English by the Arab News.

Later, he said that he realized how Erdogan sold the Islamic issues through his mere talks while maintaining close ties with Israel.

“He sold Islamic issues with mere talk. He sold the Syrians and abandoned them. He meddled in every issue in the region. He participated in the killing of Libyans, Yemenis and Syrians,” Al-Qarni said.

“The man showed his true colors through his shameful stances, including hostility toward the Kingdom,” he added.

Al-Qarni warned that the president is now stirring up “sedition in the Muslim world.”

He accused that the current Turkish policy that it aims to “tear apart the Islamic world.”

Al-Qarni who is a preacher, scholar, author and poet, has more than 19 million followers on Twitter and is popular among Muslims worldwide. His video has come amidst growing tensions between Turkey and the Arab world where Erdogan is meddling to cause disturbance.