Beyond Stereotypes: Indian Cricket Fans Vs. Western Football Fans


New Delhi — India’s political analyst, Abhijeet Iyer Mitra, spoke up about how people unfairly call Indian cricket fans uncivilized. He pointed out the violent behavior that happened during the Brazil vs. Argentina match to show that it’s not right to judge Indian fans in that way.

Mitra wrote on X (ex-Twitter), “Lol – so much for all those ‘Indian cricket fans are uncivilized’. This from a Brazil Argentina match – complete with police baton charge and lots of broken nose, bones, and blood”. His comment raises important questions about unfairly judging a whole group based on isolated incidents.

Reposting Mitra’s post, Sabeeha Majid, a Researcher from South Africa wrote, “Didn’t you know, people are ‘uncivilized’ when they’re African or Asian.

Mitra’s post garnered significant attention, receiving an impressive 224.6K views, along with 5000 likes and 1600 reposts.

It’s important to understand that it’s unfair to judge an entire nation or its people based on the actions of a few individuals. While there may be instances of unruly behavior during sports events, we should differentiate between individual conduct and the overall character of a nation.

Sports events, like football or cricket matches, can stir up strong emotions and passionate reactions from fans around the world. Unfortunately, acts of violence or misconduct can happen regardless of where the event takes place or the nationality of the fans involved. Such incidents should be condemned and addressed on an individual basis rather than blaming an entire nation.

The incident Mitra highlighted serves as a reminder that uncivilized behavior cannot be attributed solely to a specific group. Instead of mocking or insulting a nation, the focus should be on promoting positive fan culture, encouraging responsible behavior, and creating an inclusive environment within the sports community.

While acts of misconduct should be addressed and discouraged, it’s important to remember that they don’t represent the entire nation or its people.

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