US Central Command Conducts Successful Helicopter Raid in Northern Syria, Captures Daesh Facilitator


Dubai – In a significant operation, forces from the US Central Command carried out a helicopter raid in northern Syria on September 28, resulting in the capture of Mamduh Ibrahim Al-Hajji Shaykh, a known facilitator for the terrorist group Daesh (also known as ISIS). The Central Command confirmed the operation in a statement released on Saturday.

The raid, executed with precision and efficiency, marks a notable achievement in the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and dismantle Daesh networks in the region. The capture of Al-Hajji Shaykh, an individual involved in facilitating the activities of the extremist group, is expected to yield valuable intelligence that could aid in disrupting future terrorist operations.

Importantly, the Central Command emphasized that no civilians were harmed during the operation. This commitment to minimizing civilian casualties reflects the utmost priority placed on protecting innocent lives and ensuring the operation’s success while adhering to international humanitarian standards.

The successful raid demonstrates the United States’ unwavering commitment to combating terrorism and promoting stability in the region. It highlights the effectiveness of targeted operations conducted by the US Central Command in coordination with partner forces to degrade and dismantle terrorist organizations.

Daesh has posed a significant threat to global security, particularly in the Middle East, in recent years. The extremist group has carried out numerous acts of violence and terror, causing immense suffering to countless individuals and communities. The capture of Al-Hajji Shaykh will likely contribute to weakening Daesh’s operational capabilities and disrupting its networks, thereby enhancing regional security.

The US Central Command, along with its partners, remains dedicated to combating terrorism and ensuring the safety and well-being of people in the region and beyond. The successful raid serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts to counter extremist ideologies and dismantle organizations that pose a threat to international peace and security.

As the situation in Syria continues to evolve, the United States and its allies remain vigilant in their commitment to eradicating terrorism and fostering stability. The capture of Mamduh Ibrahim Al-Hajji Shaykh is a significant milestone in these efforts, underscoring the resolve to bring those responsible for terrorism to justice and contribute to a safer, more secure world.

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