Saudi Arabia Sends Delegation to Occupied West Bank in Historic Visit


Jericho – In a significant development, Saudi Arabia, currently engaged in US-brokered talks with Israel to normalize relations, has sent a delegation to the occupied West Bank for the first time in three decades.

Led by the kingdom’s non-resident ambassador to the Palestinian territories, Nayef Al-Sudairi, the delegation arrived overland from Jordan, according to acting Jericho governor Yusra Sweiti.

This visit marks the first time a Saudi delegation has traveled to the West Bank since the signing of the landmark Oslo Accords in 1993. Sudairi, who serves as the Saudi envoy to Jordan, was recently appointed as the non-resident ambassador to the Palestinian territories and consul general for Jerusalem.

Upon their arrival, Sudairi and the Saudi delegation will be received by Riyad Al-Maliki, the top Palestinian diplomat, according to the foreign ministry in Ramallah. Additionally, Sudairi is scheduled to meet with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas during his visit to Ramallah.

The timing of Sudairi’s visit to Ramallah is significant, as it aligns with ongoing talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia facilitated by the United States. These talks aim to establish normalized relations between the two countries, a potential game-changer for the region.

Normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel would have far-reaching implications, not only for the two nations involved but also for the broader Middle East. It could potentially reshape regional dynamics and open up opportunities for increased cooperation in various fields, including security, trade, and technology.

The visit by the Saudi delegation to the West Bank underscores the evolving diplomatic landscape in the region. While challenges and complexities persist, the engagement of Saudi Arabia in direct talks with Israel signals a willingness to explore new avenues for peace and stability.

The international community will closely monitor the outcome of these talks and the potential impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As negotiations progress, the hope is that they will contribute to a broader regional dialogue and lay the foundation for a sustainable and just resolution to the longstanding conflict.

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