Diplomatic Milestone: Key Takeaways from the Saudi Crown Prince’s G20 Participation and India Visit


The Crown Prince was received with the utmost respect and warmth, being greeted by both the President and Prime Minister of India.

In a momentous display of diplomacy, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, recently embarked on a state visit to India and actively participated in the G20 Summit. This visit was marked by a series of significant events and agreements that underscore the growing importance of Saudi-Indian relations on both the regional and global fronts.

Below are the key takeaways from this significant visit, drawn from a post authored by Saud Salman Al-Dossary, an MA Candidate in Middle-Eastern Studies at Columbia University.

Summit Success Celebrated

The G20 Summit concluded with resounding success, and the Crown Prince was quick to commend India’s role in this achievement. He remarked, “Well done India, a lot of announcements were made that will benefit both our countries, the G20 nations, and the whole world”.

This statement underlines the summit’s accomplishments and its positive impact on the global stage.

A Presidential and Prime Ministerial Welcome

The Crown Prince was received with the utmost respect and warmth, being greeted by both the President and Prime Minister of India. This exceptional welcome not only reflected the strength of diplomatic ties but also set the tone for the entire visit.

It was a tangible testament to the importance of the Saudi-Indian relationship and the commitment of both nations to further enhance their cooperation on various fronts.

Grand Reception at the Presidential Palace

The official reception ceremony at the Presidential Palace was a grand affair, followed by an elegant banquet. These ceremonial events were not merely diplomatic formalities, they were symbolic of the deep-rooted friendship between Saudi Arabia and India.

The lavishness and grace with which they were conducted highlighted the profound bond and mutual respect shared by the two nations.

Strategic Partnership Council Inauguration

A pivotal moment in the visit was the inauguration of the India-Saudi Strategic Partnership Council. This was a historic first meeting, co-chaired by the Crown Prince and the Indian Prime Minister, signifying their commitment to enhancing cooperation in various sectors.

It marked a significant step forward in the bilateral relationship, underlining the intent to strengthen ties and collaborate on a broader range of economic, political, and strategic endeavors.

Prolific Memorandums of Understanding

The visit saw the exchange of numerous Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) covering critical areas such as energy, communications, manufacturing, anti-corruption, and bilateral investments.

These agreements reflect the intent of both nations to deepen their economic collaboration significantly.

They serve as a testament to the commitment of Saudi Arabia and India to foster closer ties and engage in mutually beneficial partnerships across a wide spectrum of vital sectors.

Surge in Bilateral Trade

Economic ties between Saudi Arabia and India are flourishing, with bilateral trade reaching a remarkable $52 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23.

This impressive growth rate of over 23% underscores the robust economic potential that exists between the two nations.

It signifies not only the current strength of their economic partnership but also the opportunities for further expansion and cooperation in the future.

Gratitude and Congratulations

India expressed its heartfelt gratitude to Saudi Arabia for evacuating Indian nationals from Sudan via Jeddah, highlighting the crucial role of diplomacy during times of crisis.

Saudi Arabia received warm congratulations from India for the successful management of the Hajj season, demonstrating their expertise in handling large-scale events.

Commitment to Oil Market Stability

Both nations underscored the importance of maintaining stability in the global oil market, reaffirming their commitment to collaborative efforts in this regard.

This shared commitment reflects the recognition of the crucial role that the energy sector plays in the global economy and the need for responsible and coordinated actions to ensure its stability and resilience.

Enhancing Cooperation in Key Sectors

Saudi Arabia and India have set their sights on boosting cooperation in the fields of electricity interconnection and petrochemical production, aligning their objectives for economic development.

This strategic alignment highlights their intention to harness the potential of these sectors to drive economic growth and enhance the energy landscape, ultimately benefiting both nations and fostering regional prosperity.

Sustainability in Focus

India welcomed Saudi Arabia’s commendable green initiatives, most notably the ‘Saudi Green’ and ‘Middle East Green’ initiatives, aimed at addressing climate change and promoting sustainability.

This warm reception demonstrated India’s recognition of the Kingdom’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its willingness to collaborate on critical global challenges.

In response, Saudi Arabia reciprocated by acknowledging India’s substantial efforts in combating climate change, underscoring their shared responsibility towards environmental challenges.

This mutual acknowledgment highlights the importance of global cooperation and joint action to address pressing issues such as climate change and underscores the potential for collaboration between the two nations in sustainable development endeavors.

Vision 2030 Acknowledged

India extended its congratulations and support for Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan for economic diversification and modernization.

This gesture of solidarity reflects India’s commitment to fostering strong bilateral ties and its recognition of the Kingdom’s ambitious efforts to transform its economy and society.

The endorsement of Vision 2030 underscores the potential for mutual growth and collaboration between the two nations in the years ahead.

BRICS Invitation Appreciated

Saudi Arabia expressed profound gratitude to India for its unwavering support of the Kingdom’s invitation to join BRICS, a recognition of the Kingdom’s growing global significance.

This acknowledgement underscores the depth of the strategic partnership between the two nations and reinforces Saudi Arabia’s expanding role on the world stage.

The inclusion of Saudi Arabia in BRICS is not only a testament to its geopolitical importance but also an opportunity for both nations to collaborate within this influential forum.

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