Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Morocco lead the way as Arab Tourism surged in 2022


Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” initiative played a pivotal role in transforming the country’s tourism landscape.

With Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Morocco taking the lead, Arab countries in 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge in tourism, setting new records and highlighting the growing appeal of the region to global travelers.

According to data released by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Saudi Arabia welcomed an impressive 18 million tourists in 2022, positioning itself as a vibrant and captivating destination for visitors from around the globe. The Kingdom’s strategic efforts to open up to international tourists and promote its rich cultural heritage, modern attractions, and natural wonders have paid off, boosting its tourism industry and diversifying its economy.

The Emirates, known for their ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, and top-notch hospitality, saw a remarkable influx of 14.8 million tourists in 2022. The UAE’s commitment to enhancing its tourism infrastructure, including expanding world-class airports, iconic hotels, and entertainment facilities, has cemented its status as a must-visit destination. The synergy between traditional culture and futuristic innovation continues to be a major draw for travelers.

Morocco, with its enchanting landscapes, historic cities, and vibrant souks, saw 11 million tourists exploring its colorful streets and soaking in its rich heritage. The country’s sustainable tourism initiatives, aimed at preserving its natural and cultural treasures, have contributed to its increasing popularity among travelers seeking authentic experiences.

Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” initiative played a pivotal role in transforming the country’s tourism landscape. The relaxation of visa regulations, the opening of iconic attractions like Al-Ula and Qiddiya, and the development of luxury resorts along the Red Sea coast have collectively contributed to the surge in visitor numbers. These efforts have not only generated revenue but also created jobs and opportunities for the local population.

The UAE’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences to tourists was exemplified by hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, a global event that brought the world together under the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The Expo showcased the UAE’s innovation, culture, and progress, drawing millions of visitors and adding a substantial boost to the country’s tourism numbers.

In Morocco, the preservation of cultural heritage remained a focal point. The successful integration of modern amenities with age-old traditions has made the country a treasure trove for travelers seeking authentic experiences. Initiatives like the “Green Morocco Plan” aimed at sustainable development, the restoration of historical sites, and the promotion of local crafts have all contributed to Morocco’s appeal.

As tourism continues to flourish in Arab countries, the focus on sustainable practices and responsible travel remains paramount. The efforts of these nations to strike a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation are commendable and reflect a broader global trend towards conscious and mindful tourism.

In the wake of this tourism boom, Arab countries are not only captivating the world with their cultural diversity and natural beauty but also contributing significantly to their economies and international reputation. As the 2022 statistics indicate, the Arab world has truly emerged as a powerhouse on the global tourism stage, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Morocco leading the way into a promising and exciting future.

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