Elon Musk recommends “The Explorers” Podcast featuring Ibn Battuta’s incredible journeys


New York — Elon Musk, the esteemed entrepreneur and innovator, recently took to X Platform to enthusiastically recommend “The Explorers” podcast, that highlights the extraordinary adventures of Ibn Battuta, an Islamic explorer whose remarkable travels surpassed even those of the renowned Marco Polo.

In his post, Musk expressed his high regard for “The Explorers” podcast, stating, “Highly recommend ‘The Explorers’ podcast for stories of exploration of many cultures over the ages. Am currently learning about Ibn Battuta, an amazingly widely traveled Islamic explorer.”

Who was Ibn Battuta?

Ibn Battuta, born as Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta, was a prominent Berber Muslim scholar and traveler known for his extensive journeys and his remarkable travelogue called the ‘Rihla’. His expeditions spanned nearly three decades, taking him across vast regions of the Islamic world and beyond.

Born in Tangier, Morocco, on February 24, 1304, during the Abbasid dynasty, Ibn Battuta was commonly referred to as Shams ad-Din. His family, of Berber descent, had a long-standing tradition of serving as judges.

Having received an education in Islamic law, Ibn Battuta decided to embark on a journey of exploration. In June 1325, at the age of twenty-one, he left his hometown and initially embarked on a ‘hajj’ pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina—a journey that lasted 16 months.

Interestingly, Ibn Battuta’s thirst for exploration did not wane after completing the pilgrimage. Instead, he continued traveling and remained away from Morocco for at least 24 years. His journeys primarily involved overland travel, showcasing his resilience and determination to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures he encountered.

Ibn Battuta’s travelogue, the ‘Rihla,’ provides invaluable insights into the medieval world. His writings have since become a valuable historical resource, shedding light on the societies, trade routes, and political landscapes of the regions he explored.

The Explorers Podcast

Hosted by the Airwave Media Network, “The Explorers” podcast offers an immersive journey into the life of Ibn Battuta right from its inaugural episode. The series extensively covers his monumental first major journey—a pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken in 1325-26. This pilgrimage serves as the inception of one of the most extraordinary tales in the annals of exploration and travel.

Subsequent episodes of the podcast vividly depict Ibn Battuta’s expeditions as he traverses the vast Arabian desert, visiting the magnificent cities of western Persia and exploring the Mesopotamian region, including the legendary city of Baghdad. His travels then lead him to East Africa, where he encounters and explores the colonies of Mogadishu, Mombasa, Zanzibar, and Kilwa. Returning to the Arabian Peninsula, he sets foot in Oman and Hormuz, further expanding his remarkable geographic reach.

Continuing his legendary odyssey, the podcast’s fourth episode documents Ibn Battuta’s ventures into Anatolia, the present-day region of Turkey, before delving into the realm of the Golden Horde, also known as the Kipchak Khanate.

The fifth episode focuses on his eventful journey to India, where he skillfully navigates the intricate world of the Sultanate of Delhi, fraught with unpredictable rulers.

In the podcast’s sixth part, listeners are treated to Ibn Battuta’s awe-inspiring travels to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Sumatra, and China. Along this arduous path, he faces perilous encounters, narrowly escaping death in a fierce storm, enduring the loss of everything to pirates, and even plotting to seize control of an island kingdom.

In the final episode of the series, Ibn Battuta returns to his homeland of Morocco, embarking on a final expedition across the Saharan Desert to West Africa. His remarkable journey takes him to the Kingdom of Mali, including the fabled city of Timbuktu, a testament to his unparalleled spirit of exploration.

Elon Musk’s endorsement of the episodes focusing on Ibn Battuta within “The Explorers” podcast has sparked significant interest among listeners eager to delve into the extraordinary experiences of this Islamic explorer.

By shedding light on the journeys of historical figures like Ibn Battuta, “The Explorers” podcast offers a captivating window into the past, serving as an inspiration for curiosity and a renewed sense of adventure among its diverse audience.

Where to find the Podcast?

Click on the link: The Explorers Podcast on the Apple Podcasts.

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