14 apps have been recently restricted in J&K to stop their unauthorised usage for terrorist activity

Numerous apps, including those from China, have been blocked since June 2020 on the basis of national security.

The Ministry of Information and Technology (Meity) has blocked up to 14 mobile applications, according to intelligence reports.

These apps were primarily utilised in Jammu and Kashmir, an officer who spoke to Hindustan Times on the condition of anonymity said. The official stated that the action was takepn “after agencies informed Meity that terrorists were using these applications to communicate and to spread terror in the region.”

Additionally, the Centre has prohibited a number of apps since June 2020, including those from China, on the grounds of national security.


The list of apps that have been blocked as of late is as follows:

S No.   App

  • 1.     Crypviser
  • 2.     Enigma Messenger
  • 3.     Safeswiss
  • 4.     Wickr Me
  • 5.     MediaFire
  • 6.     Briar
  • 7.     BChat
  • 8.     Nandbox
  • 9.     Conion
  • 10.   IMO
  • 11.   Element
  • 12.   Second Line
  • 13.   Zangi
  • 14.   MonilThreema