To strengthen Turkey-Syria relations, ministers may meet in Moscow

Early in May, the foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Syria may consult as part of Russia’s efforts to mediate a reconciliation between the governments of Turkey and Syria, the foreign minister of Turkey said on Monday.

Turkey, a member of NATO, has dispatched its own forces into large portions of northern Syria and has been a significant supporter of the political and armed opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during a 12-year civil war.

Minister Mevlut Cavusolu stated to broadcaster A Haber that the meeting “will most likely take place in early May, in Moscow,” adding that it might result in a leaders’ meeting.

The highest-level meeting since the start of the war was held in Moscow in December between the Syrian and Turkish defence ministers.

The biggest ally of Assad is Moscow, which has pushed for peace with Ankara. Damascus, meanwhile, demands that Turkish forces depart completely before ties can be repaired.