Tarek Fatah, a Pakistan-Canadian columnist, died at the age of 73 after a prolonged illness

Canadian-based Pakistani novelist and writer Tarek Fatah lost his fight with illness today, according to his daughter Natasha Fatah. He was 73.

“The Punjabi Lion. a Hindustani son. devoted to Canada. Truthful speaker. defender of justice. Voice of the Oppressed, the Underdogs, and the Downtrodden. The movement started by Tarek Fatah will continue with everyone who knew and loved him. Will you come with us? “1949-2023,” tweeted Natasha.

Natasha tweeted on Sunday about spending a “slow Sunday” with her father, “listening to old Bollywood songs,” and their “common love for Mother India.”

“Having a leisurely Sunday morning with my father. I’m wearing orange in remembrance of our common passion for Mother India and listening to old Bollywood tunes. She had wrote, “And a touch of crimson for our adopted and beloved home Canada.

Fatah was renowned for his liberal views on Islam and his vehement opposition to Pakistan. He frequently declared his support for India’s BJP-led NDA administration.

In the early 1980s, Fatah, who was born in Pakistan in 1949, immigrated to Canada. There, he worked as a political activist, journalist, television host, and author of several books.