President of the World Bank Malpass commends India for empowering women and cites Prime Minister Modi


globe Bank President David Malpass stated that the globe is making strides in women’s empowerment and complimented India’s efforts, particularly those of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing his “deep interest and concern.”

Malpass and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman participated in a panel discussion on “Empowering Women as Entrepreneurs and Leaders” held by the World Bank on the sidelines of its spring meetings here on Thursday. The panellists also discussed the advancement and empowerment of women in India and around the world.

In response to a query, Sitharaman said, “We should continue all that we are doing now for women,” going on to elaborate in great detail the measures taken by the Modi Government to advance the economic status of women in India.

Malpass praised Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives in India, where the World Bank has a sizable portfolio.

He stated that the prime minister is “deeply interested, concerned, and pushing on this issue.”

According to the World Bank president, global empowerment is advancing at a rapid pace.

It is incredibly powerful for women to be able to converse and do digital transactions without having to visit the bank and possibly deal with a male clerk who doesn’t treat them well, he said. “And it’s also important for women to have access to sources of information about how other women function around the globe. Therefore, I believe we should move that along as quickly as possible,” Malpass added.

“I’ll give you the example of skill-building initiatives that are taking place in India; I’m not sure what I can deduce from this. 68 percent of all individuals hired are women if 100 people are trained in such skills that are advantageous for work and have instant recruitment potential.

It merely emphasises how prepared women are to start working as soon as they have the necessary skills, according to Sitharaman.

“As a result, we must spend in educating women, and legislative backing is crucial for developing nations like India. For instance, we used to offer women 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, but now we’ve increased it to 26 weeks, meaning that up until that point, you’re fully compensated and can take care of maternity duties. Of course, you can still do so, and we now also offer paternity leave,” she said.

According to Sitharaman, many businesses in the private sector want to take advantage of the talented group of women who are prepared to go out and work.

“I find a lot of women entering and graduating from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programmes, but their employability is not so good a news for me, because if there are an equal number of boys and girls studying sciences, technology engineering, or medicine in universities, nearly 60% of the women do not apply for jobs after that.”

“I thus worry what occurs next. It’s crucial that they return to their work, she said.

According to current hiring trends, corporations stand to gain from women entering the workforce because they are considerably more productive and work better as a team with the correct legislative backing and abilities. Therefore, we ought to continue doing this,” Sitharaman stated.

The minister claimed that many wonderful things are occurring for women in many parts of the world.

We should all go back and say, ‘Let me be a part of this enormous transformation, this enormous effort that is going on to empower women. It should involve each of us, Sitharaman stated.

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