MHA seals the office and suspends NIA SP in corruption case

Delhi — India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has suspended SP Vishal Garg of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as part of a significant anti-corruption initiative. Sources claim that SP Vishal was charged with receiving bribes in a case involving Manipur.

Following an NIA raid on the senior officer’s property, his office at NIA headquarters was sealed.

A team has also been assembled by the NIA to look into the situation.

Vishal Garg was charged with receiving a bribe of Rs 2 crore from a Delhi businessman over two years ago in connection with a funding case involving LeT commander Hafiz Saeed.

Garg, along with two other people, received a clean bill of health in the matter.

The businessman said that officials had asked for a Rs 2 crore bribe in exchange for excluding his name from a terror case involving Hafiz Saeed’s “Falah-e Insaniyat” foundation.

The NIA opened a case in this respect in July 2018.