China to support an early and comprehensive resolution of the Palestinian issue

Beijing – China’s special envoy for Middle East affairs said on Friday that China would keep up its efforts to support an early and appropriate resolution of the Palestinian issue.

China expresses grave concern about the escalating crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Lebanon and requests absolute calm and restraint from all parties, particularly Israel. Zhai Jun, the Chinese government’s special envoy for the Middle East, made this statement while meeting with Middle Eastern envoys in Beijing.

In retaliation for what it claimed were Hamas rockets fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities in recent days, Israeli aeroplanes bombed a number of military sites belonging to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups in various areas of the Gaza Strip overnight into Friday morning.

Along with the watchtowers on the eastern border, the bombing also hit open spaces and agricultural areas.

Palestinian militias fired shells at Israeli towns during the bombing, the majority of which were stopped by Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system.