The supporters of Imran Khan in Pakistan targeted by water cannon and tear gas


Pakistan – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of Imran Khan said that its “peaceful” workers had been arrested as news surfaced that the province capital had been placed under Section 144, which prohibits public gatherings.

Imran Khan’s fans gathered outside of his apartment on Wednesday, violating a government prohibition on demonstrations, and Pakistan’s police deployed tear gas and water cannons to scatter them. Imran Khan was recently deposed as prime minister.

As news of the province capital’s placement under Section 144, which forbids public meetings, spread, Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed that its “peaceful” employees had been detained.

The party referred to the police operation as “fascist” and described it as an effort to “clear the way” for the 70-year-old politician who was once a cricket player.

On the approach to Khan’s home, a large police detachment set up containers and barriers, barring all entrances.

Police attacked PTI employees, including women, with batons, water cannons, tear gas, and other weapons. According to the party, the cops loaded the protesting employees into police vans.

The PTI employees’ parked automobiles at Zaman Park were also vandalised by the riot police. It further stated that police officers assaulted journalists who objected to the move.

On Sunday, a sizable number of PTI employees resisted police attempts to arrest Khan, which was a major factor in their failure.

Khan has come under fire for purchasing presents and then reselling them for a profit, including a pricey Graff wristwatch that he had acquired as the premier at a reduced price from the state storehouse known as Toshakhana.

After the PTI leader was removed from office in April of last year, the police have filed at least 76 complaints against him.

PTI senior leader Hammad Azhar informed a press conference that the police had detained several PTI members who had assembled in Zaman Park.
According to him, police had assaulted ladies and tortured PTI employees.

He claimed Shehbaz Sharif, who is in charge of the Punjab government directly, ordered interim chief minister Mohsin Naqvi to crack down on PTI members.

He claimed that the government’s unease was caused by its fear of Imran Khan.

He questioned, “How come elections in Punjab have been set for April 30 and the government can ban protests in Lahore.

Women PTI employees are being targeted by water cannons, according to Shireen Mazari, another prominent PTI leader. Police destroy vehicles that are parked along the side willy-nilly. Mohsin Naqvi, the fascist chief minister, is obsessed with power.

Specifically targeting our female workers, they are utilising toxins in the water from the water cannons that are being fired. For “respect and dignity of the judiciary”, the PTI demonstration was to be held.

Rana Sanaullah, the Interior Minister, defended police conduct by claiming that Punjab had been placed under a ban on public gatherings and demonstrations because “we got terror alerts from agencies”.

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