DISINFO DEBUNKED: Is MBS building a New Kaaba in Riyadh?


Moreover, cube-shaped constructions and buildings are the common sight in Saudi Arabia

No sooner Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman popularly known as MBS announced the new Murabba project called as ‘Al Mukab’ in the heartland of Riyadh, Islamist propagandists including Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates started a smearing campaign that MBS is going to build his own Kaaba devoid of Islam by 2030.

Sami Hachimi who is based “Around Somewhere” according to his Twitter handle, claimed “When Bin Salman stood on top of the holy Kaaba in Mecca in 2019, it was almost symbolic of his intention to subjugate the Islamic influences in Saudi Arabia. Today he has embarked on another symbolic challenge in announcing plans to build a new ‘Kaaba’ of entertainment”.

What’s with the Cube Shape?

Conspiracy theories have no head and tail. Similar claims and propaganda operations were done in the past. For example, when Apple Store in NYC was under construction, it was rumored that “Illuminati is building a ‘Macca bar’ in the shape of Kaaba in America” to mock the House of God. The truth was, Apple was going to inaugurate its store made of glass in New York.

Apple Store NYC during construction
Apple Store NYC after construction

Moreover, cube-shaped constructions and buildings are the common sight in Saudi Arabia. For example, the Riyadh Criminal Court is cubicle in shape. It would be ludicrous to say that Saudi Arabia built criminal court in the shape of Kaaba.

Riyadh Criminal Court

Is it forbidden in Islam to stand on the top of Kaaba?

It is not at all forbidden to stand on the top of Kaaba, the way Hachimi presented in his video. In the early days of Islam, the companions of the Prophet Mohammed used to stand on the roof of Kaaba.

In fact, immediately after the re-capture of Kaaba by Prophet Mohammed, he ordered Bilal Bin Rabah Al-Habashi to climb on the top of Kaaba to make the call to prayers.

This is in itself a testimony that Muslims do not worship Kaaba.

Even today, during the Kiswa changing process that is while changing the great cloth of Kaaba, the workers stand on the roof of Kaaba.

The Kiswa changing process where workers stand on the top of Kaaba

Accusations against General Entertainment Authority

Hachimi also attacked Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority and its chief Turki Al-Sheikh, that the body is polluting the “Islamic” atmosphere of the Kingdom. He accused Al-Sheikh of conducting music concerts and promoting the pop-culture.

Loay Al-Shareef from Abu Dhabi, while refuting the claims of Hachimi presented the reasoning and logic behind the music concerts.

Al-Shareef said, “The main goal of General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia is to tell people that instead of sending your money abroad, we are bringing you events, ceremonies and festivals inside the Kingdom so that you can spend in”.

It is the same Al-Sheikh and GEA hosted Otr Elkalam competition in April 2022, that invited the world’s attention to Saudi Arabia to discover the most beautiful and excellent voices in the recitation of the Holy Quran and Azaan (call to prayers).

Hachimi said that GEA will hold these events inside the Prophet’s mosque in Medina, which is a clear cut lie. Saudi Arabia has not announced anywhere that they will be conducting events inside the Prophet’s mosque. However, there are plans to build centers near Medina for the residents of the city.

MBS and Moderate Islam

Whether MBS wants to detach Islam from Saudi Arabia. Al-Shareef replied, “He always says that we have to get back to our moderate version of our beloved religion. In which, we are proud Muslims, and at the same time open to different religions and cultures”.

MBS promised in 2017 that he will bring back moderate version of Islam that existed before 1979, where Muslims and people of other faiths co-existed peacefully without the sense of supremacy and dominance.

Islamists love dominance and supremacy, and they detest those who promote the version of Islam that does not fit into their narrative. Hence, those profess and promote moderate Islam are pulled into the line of fire.

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