Saudi Sister gifts car to Brother for taking care of Parents, Internet reacts emotionally

Riyadh – A Saudi woman gifted a brand new car to her brother for taking care of parents during the prime years of his life. People on the internet reacted emotionally whilst applauding the affectionate bond of the siblings.

In the video, the brother could be seen smiling and making inquisitive hand gestures about the grand gift. Upon which, the sister who was recording the reaction of her brother responded in Arabic language that her brother spent prime years of his life in sincerely serving their parents.

The brother becomes emotional and moves to tears to receive an incredible from his sister.

Austria-based Anna Sacher commented, “I understand very well how he feels, being rewarded for sacrificing all this time to look after the parents in his young age, he didn’t expect”.

“This video made me nearly cry. How lovely this young man is”, she added.

Ravi Prabhakaran from India wrote, “I am crying”.

Vinod Rajan from India commented, “A special mention to the sister for recognizing her brother’s efforts. Most of us go unnoticed!”

A Twitter user named Chicago Desi from the United States said, “The Saudi families gift at a different amplitude compared to rest of worlds”.

Al-Wahaj from Saudi Arabia commented, “The situation is very normal in the Kingdom. The sister is the closest to the brother after the mother. She seeks his needs and helped in according to her capabilities. I believe the gift is to help and honor who caught by eye”.

Raghad commented, “The clip is nice and touching. I love the people of Hijaz”.

Engineer Abdullah Al-Masood from Saudi Arabia said, “Thank God for family togetherness”.