Muslim Brotherhood does Psychological Wars, including harming Economy: Saudi Islamic Affairs Minister

Riyadh — Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Affairs Minister said on Friday that the Muslim Brotherhood carries all sorts of Psychological wars, ranging from “Character Assassination” to harming “their opponents politically, morally, socially, and even economically” by spreading rumors, false accusations, and manipulating facts.

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Dr. Abdullateef Aal-e-Shaykh, tweeted in Arabic language addressing the rampant issue of rumor mongering carried out by the media and leaders of Muslim Brotherhood.

The Minister said, “Character assassination is one of the psychological wars that target the credibility and reputation of people or even governments, and the most prominent of those who used it; The Muslim Brotherhood, where they try to harm their opponents politically, morally, socially, and even economically, through the following: Spreading rumours. False accusations. Manipulating facts”.

Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist group founded in Egypt in 1928 by Egyptian Sufi mystic Hassan Al-Banna to revive the “lost” caliphate. The group caused much upheaval, chaos, civil war, bloodshed during the 2011-2012 Arab Spring.

Qatar and Turkey are the key backers of Brotherhood movement, though these two countries maintain good diplomatic terms with their counterparts. However, as of 2015 the group was declared as a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, and Bahrain.

The group’s literature designed by Syed Qutb and al-Banna is considered as the foundational work for terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS.