Russia detains ISIS Suicide Bomber trained in Turkey, planning to target India’s ruling party


Moscow — Agents of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) captured an ISIS suicide bomber trained in Turkey, who was planning a terrorist attack against “India’s leadership elite” to seek revenge for the insults against Prophet Mohammed.

During interrogation, the captured ISIS recruit said that he was meant to get supplies in India so that he could “conduct a terrorist assault at the IS’ command for insult to Prophet Muhammad”.

Authority said in a statement, “Russia’s FSB identified and detained a member of the Islamic State international terrorist organization banned in Russia, a native of a country in the Central Asian region, who planned to commit a terrorist act by blowing himself up against one of the representatives of the ruling circles of India”.

The captured ISIS bomber was recruited in Turkey between April and June of this year, according to the Russian security agency, and his brainwashing was done remotely through the Telegram app.

According to a statement from the Russian security agency, “It has been proven that a foreign national was recruited as a suicide bomber by one of the ITO ‘IS’ leaders between the months of April and June 2022 while on Turkish soil. A representative of the terrorist group personally met with him in Istanbul and also indoctrinated him remotely via Telegram channels”.

FSB added, “As a result, the terrorist took an oath of allegiance to the Amir of IS. After that, he was given the task of leaving for Russia and completing the necessary documents and flying to India to commit a high-profile terrorist act”.

The Islamic State (IS) and all of its manifestations have been declared terrorist organizations by the central government, and are included in the First Schedule of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of 1967.

The Union Home Ministry sais that ISIS spreads its ideology through a variety of online social media channels. The relevant agencies are closely monitoring cyberspace in this regard, and appropriate legal action is taken.

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