Qaeda’s Zawahiri praises India’s Hijab-girl Muskan in his latest video


Istanbul – Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri praised India’s Hijab-girl Muskan and said that he dedicated a poem for her, which he recited in his latest video released by group’s Al-Sahab media, according to Pakistan-based journalists.

According to Tirmizi Sadat, former Muslim Brotherhood member and world’s most wanted terrorist Zawahiri glorified the Indian Muslim girl Muskan whose video grabbed international attention during the latest Hijab controversy.

Sadat wrote, “The AQ As-Sahab media arm released the latest video message of Ayman Zawahiri glorifying the Indian Muslim girl Muskan harassed by Hindu extremists mob on the Hijab issue in February this year. This is the most recent evidence of Zawahiri’s life”.

“Zawahiri says that ‘he was greatly touched by these honest cries of Takbeer’ of Muskan that he wrote a poem tributed to her. He reads the poem at the end of his message in the video”, Sadat added.

Khyber-based journalist Ihsanullah Tipu wrote, “Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri is alive as per the latest video, released by Al-Qaeda Central’s As-Sahab media”.

Zawahiri joined radical organization at a very early age after being influenced by Muslim Brotherhood’s Syed Qutb. Later, he developed a mission in life, “to put Qutb’s vision into action”. He has been part of Islamist networks worldwide which have orchestrated terror attacks in Asia, Africa, and also in North America and Europe. Since 911 attacks, United States State Department has announced a reward of $25 million for information or intelligence leading to Zawahiri’s capture.

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