How Can I Study For An English Exam?


by James Cordon

Therefore search for practice questions that can help you think critically.

Whether students have a law exam online or an English exam, they dread studying for it. This is because exams week is a stressful time as it is a defining moment that will make or break our future. Thus, many students end up sacrificing their physical and mental health in order to do well in their finals.

While many people provide help for law exam online, there are only a handful that help with an English exam. As a result, many students end up not taking their English exam seriously which has serious repercussions.

As simple as it may sound, you need to work hard for your English exam online as well.

In this post, we will discuss ways you can study for your English exams. I would suggest you read it till the very end!

Always Go Through Past Exams

Even though it is not your law exam online, you still need to work hard to get soaring grades. One of the most important tips to do well in your exam is by going through past exams. Try noting down every mistake you made in your mids and tests.

When you go through your previous exams, attempt to answer the questions below:

Were you able to study enough for the exam? Did you experience any sort of anxiety while attempting the exam, for instance, panic, mental block, etc.?

Did you happen to make silly mistakes, like not following the guided directions or not noticing tricky words?

Did you lack in terms of writing?

Once you have gone through the entire exam and figured out your mistakes, you can work on improving them. If you were not able to find any mistakes, reach out to your instructor for further assistance.

However, it is a quite useful process even if you are going through someone else’s paper. You can familiarise yourself with what kind of questions will come in the exam. Furthermore, you can understand what kind of questions your instructor prefers.

Be More Aware Of the Exam

As surprising as it may sound, whether it is your law exam online or English exam, you need to familiarize yourself with the format of your exam before you start preparing for it.

This way, students can be one step ahead. Thus, try asking yourself the questions below:

Are there any practice exams available which you can do?

Does your English exam follow any format? For instance, is it open book or closed? Do you need to memorize important dates from novels or just the lessons?

What will be the duration of your entire exam? How long will it take? How much time will it take to write it?

Try searching for how many questions will be there

What authors or poets did your instructor emphasize during the lectures?

How much of this exam is worth in your overall grade?

Once you answer these questions, it will be easier for you to not only study for it but also succeed in it.

Make a Study Plan

One of the best ways to move forward with your English exam online preparation is by planning out your whole study plan at least a month before your actual exam. This exercise will aid in alleviating anxiety and stress which usually occurs when you cram everything in a day before your exam.

Here is how you can set a study plan:

Start by creating a list of all topics which will come in your exams. You can talk to your instructor or look into the syllabus in order to figure this out.

Then, spread out all the topics in the entire month. Do so in such a manner that you are giving more time to difficult topics so that you can form a proper understanding of everything.

In your study planner, mark all the days you will be covering each topic for your exam exams. Also, note down the time when you will be sitting down to study for it.

Mark off all the topics from the list once you have finished reviewing them. This will help you to increase your confidence.

Organise Your Material for Review

You need to understand not only read various novels but also understand them in great detail. It is really crucial for you to understand the meaning and concept behind each topic. Therefore, your readings and other material in the English course demands organisation. Therefore, the best way to understand any story or novel is by taking notes and diagrams.

Here are a few ways you can easily do so:

Comparison charts: It is an extremely useful way of learning differences and similarities between theories and concepts.

Mind Mapping: This is a great way which you can use to easily summarise any novel, get an overview, or organise your thoughts.

Numbered lists: Quite helpful to memorise traits and characters.

Don’t Forget to Practice

There is an old saying which goes like this, “practice makes one perfect.” Similarly, you need to preach this saying. Try to make a habit of practising English exams while studying. Therefore search for practice questions that can help you think critically. Then, try writing a response and note the timing.

To make it even more realistic try practising in an examination setting such as a library instead of doing it at your home. This will help you tackle your exam anxiety which often leads to students blanking out.

There are numerous ways you can look or design your practice questions:

Try to answer review questions that are available in your coursebook.

Try changing the headings of your reading into questions.

Look up questions online or on study guides online.

Become a part of a study group and answer questions asked by other students.

Make flashcards with a query on one side and then the answer on the other side of it.


Online exams can be a challenging time for you. However, you can easily succeed in your English exam with good tips and preparations.

If you ever find yourself worrying about your English exam online, simply follow the tips talked about in this post to get good grades!

James Cordon has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. His passion for writing dates back to his pre-blogging days. He loves to share his thoughts related to education technology and business.

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