OPINION: Iran and Hezbollah are the real enemies in Yemen


by Mashari Al-Thaydi

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It is a war originally directed against Saudi Arabia, and against the National Project in Yemen, and this is what Iran and the Khomeinist political ideology want.

In a press conference held in Riyadh on Sunday, Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Maliki, spokesman of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy Yemen, revealed the deep involvement of the Lebanese Hezbollah in arming the Houthi militia and training them on how to use missiles and drones and launch them against Yemenis and Saudis. He made this disclosure with showing direct evidence for this.

The shocking truth revealed in the press conference was that the Lebanese Hezbollah and its Houthi disciples have transformed the civilian Sana’a International Airport into a military base and a depot of missiles and drones along with a launch pad. These happen at a time when flights of international missions continue their landing and taking off as usual from the airport!

Although Al-Maliki stressed that the Coalition focused, while carrying out its legitimate operations, on not affecting the operational capacity of the airport, especially with regard to receiving flights of the United Nations. 

Yes, the Coalition has, as Al-Maliki said, evidence confirming the control of the Lebanese Hezbollah group over the Houthi militia. The spokesman also revealed that the Iranian Ambassador to the Houthis Hassan Erlo was leading the military operations in Yemen.

The war in Yemen is a war being waged by Iran, the Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, and “maybe” some of the Iraqi militias affiliated with Iran, along with other gangs of the global Khomeinist regime that are available everywhere.

But this is a special war for the Lebanese Hezbollah. It would suffice to recall that Hassan Nasrallah’s sermon in which he publicly bragged that his work in the Yemen war was the most ‘honorable’ act that he had ever done in his life, than even his claims about the liberation of Lebanon from Israel!

This is understandable, because it is a war originally directed against Saudi Arabia, and against the National Project in Yemen, and this is what Iran and the Khomeinist political ideology want.

On February 24, 2016, a Hezbollah leader from Beqaa in Lebanon appeared on a video clip, showing his provision of training to Houthi militia and directing them to target Saudi Arabia, while noting that he had a special operation targeting the heart of Riyadh. Last April, the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar published a report about Hezbollah’s training of Houthi elements in its camps in the northern and southern Beqaa.

The Yemeni minister of information also revealed recently that Akram Al-Sayyed, a Hezbollah leader, was killed in an army shelling in the Marib governorate, along with a number of Houthis. 

So the real enemy in Yemen is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its representative in the region – the Lebanese Hezbollah. It is a real war where all considerations are trivialized. This is to remind some of the pedantic politicians in Lebanon who want to downplay the confrontation with Hezbollah.

It is a war in every sense of the word, and it is sufficient, even if quickly, to recall these numbers that were mentioned by Al-Maliki in the Coalition’s Sunday press conference. The Houthi militia targeted Saudi Arabia with launching of 851 drones and 430 ballistic missiles toward the Kingdom. The Houthi militia threatened maritime navigation also with more than 247 sea mines, he added. 

Of course, this is a war that was documented as hate… The Iranian attack must be broken… This is the pivotal of all issues.

This article was originally published in Asharq al-Awsat.

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