Iranian Military Officer slaps new Governor during his inauguration

Tehran – A former Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) officer who recently became governor of a province, was slapped by another military officer during his inauguration ceremony on Saturday.

Abedin Khorram who earlier this week was appointed as Governor of East Azerbaijan Province was slapped by “a member of the armed forces” in the presence of Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi, according to Fars news agency.

The military officer was angry with the new governor because a man administered his wife’s COVID__19 vaccine, instead of a woman.

Officials are investigating the security lapse through which the military officer entered the inauguration venue and slapped Khorram on the stage.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has appointed many IRGC officers in top positions, which has led to criticism by many.

Khorram was commander of Revolutionary Guards in the same province until he became governor.