Now, Expatriates can own property in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh – Now expatriates and foreigners with legal resident status can own property in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette reported on Tuesday.

According to Ministry of Interior’s digital platform Absher, the foreigner should fulfill fundamentally three conditions.

Condition – 1: The expatriate should have a valid and unexpired residency permit that is also called as Iqama or Muqeem card.

Condition – 2: The expatriate should not have any other property under his name in the Kingdom, that is he/she is allowed to own only one property.

Condition – 3: Property information should be available with copy of the official document.

The service is available on MOI’s website under “Electronics Services” -> “My Services” -> “Services” -> “General Services” -> “Request Property Owning For Non Saudis” -> “Create Request”.