Saudi Arabia to ban Unvaccinated people from entering Malls from Aug. 1

Riyadh – Saudi government will be banning unvaccinated people from entering into the malls from 1st August 2021, the Ministry of Commerce announced on Sunday.

Abdulrahman Al-Hussein, the spokesman of Ministry of Commerce said that people with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination will be allowed to enter malls.

Al-Hussein also indicated that the dressing rooms will be reopened and touchscreens will be allowed in the malls, commercial centers, and shops, while ensuring social distancing and continuous disinfection.

However, four activities will still remain prohibited. Those are:

  • Inviting celebrities and advertisers.
  • Conducting ceremonies for shops and markets.
  • Commercial competitions that require attendance.
  • Launching events for products or services.

Ministry of Interior recently declared that from August 1, only vaccinated people will be allowed to attend the events related to sports, entertainment, and cultural activities, and also to enter the private and public buildings.