POEM: Who is Allah?

by Asma Sadia

Who created the Earth, the Sun and the Moon?
Who has given life to a butterfly from the cocoon?

Who has made the seas blue and the fields so green?
Who knows what is apparent and what is unseen?

Who commands the planets to stay firm in their course?
Who strengthens every atom with its unwavering force?

Who transforms a flower from a bud to a bloom?
Who begins life through a heartbeat in the womb?

Who defines the colors of a rainbow in the sky?
Who brings forth life from the earth even when it’s dry?

Who has the power over a leaf before it falls?
Who hears the voice of the servant when he calls?

He is Allah, The One, The Mighty, The Supreme!
Who has made the world for us, nothing but a mere dream.

It is He who we beseech and unto Him is our return.
Only then will we know what we lose and what we earn!

Asma Sadia is a student of Islamic studies based in Sharjah — UAE.