HISTORY: The Dark History of Muslim Brotherhood


by Waleed Al-Ghamdi

The American bet on the Brotherhood returned again with the entry of the new millennium…

All evidence confirms that terrorism and the Brotherhood organization are two sides of the same coin. The Brotherhood has pursued a method of murder rooted in the hands of their leader Hassan Al-Banna nearly 90 years ago that still governs the organization’s ideas until now.

History confirms that for decades the Brotherhood did not abandon the idea of ​​bloodshed, so all terrorist organizations emerged from the womb of the Brotherhood and gathered them together as a single jurisprudential cloak and employed texts in favor of the Brotherhood murder project, so Egypt and our Arab region suffered from a series of assassinations and terrorist operations that claimed lives throughout history.

With the year 2011, the Brotherhood began writing a new chapter in the history of the killing, even after they seized power in Egypt and many crimes committed by the terrorist organization after the June 30 revolution.

A black history of the Brotherhood over more than 90 years, from their inception in 1928 with the support and funding of the British, to their strategic alliance with the United States of America in recent decades to achieve common interests.

In 1936, the British offered a grant to the founder of the Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, with the aim of supporting and expanding the group’s activities to strike the ranks of the national movement at this time.

In March 1954, Eisenhower met the thirty-fourth President of the United States, the top leaders of Islamic movements around the world, and this is what the American writer Robert Dreyfus explains in his famous book “The Devil’s Game”.

Among those whom Grandfather Eisenhower met was a young Egyptian in his twenties, “Said Ramadan”, who is the son-in-law of Hassan Al-Banna and the husband of his youngest daughter, and the father of Tariq Al-Banna, a Muslim Brotherhood preacher who was arrested months ago in France and charged with sexual rape. More than 27 years at that time, but the American administration found its way in this young man who had at least 10 years of experience in Islamic groups and their armed organizations in the Middle East, and this experience extended from Cairo to Karachi and Amman.

The United States saw that the Brotherhood at that time could be an advanced tool and spearhead in Arab countries and some of the Asian countries in which Islam is spreading to confront communism, and despite that, communism spread and the group failed America and its plan against communism at its time.

Despite this, the American-Brotherhood relations continued and Ramadan moved after that to Switzerland, and the beginnings of the establishment of the international organization of the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood at that time expanded and became the organizational sponsor for successive generations of extremist groups that emerged from the womb of the terrorist group and expanded in many Arab and Western countries, and over the four decades that after the meeting of Ramadan and Eisenhower, the first turned into an activist figure in various fields, all of which unfortunately were devoted to presenting Islam as an extremist, heavenly version, but it originated among its followers of these ideas, and from here extremist Muslims appeared in Pakistan, and provided a safe haven for Al Qaeda in the 1990s.

The American bet on the Brotherhood returned again with the entry of the new millennium, specifically with the rise of US President Barack Obama, and the group was able to reach power in Egypt in 2012 after January 25, 2011, which the Brotherhood used to implement their plans.

Despite all support, according to Michael Walker, a researcher at the London Center for Research and Studies, there is a secret presidential document bearing No. 11 issued by the former US president, Barack Obama, that explained the strategic relationship of the United States and its alliance with the Brotherhood, to bring about change in the Middle East and everywhere in the world.

The recent leaked Hillary Clinton documents revealed the Brotherhood’s recruitment to achieve US interests in Egypt and the region, and the exchange of private messages between the organization and the Obama administration.

For his part, Dr. Ikram Badr al-Din, a professor of political science, said that the Brotherhood sold their country to achieve the benefit they found with the Americans, noting that the Obama administration had earlier taken the Brotherhood as a strategic ally in the region, and betting on the group’s rule in Egypt to be the tool of the United States in the entire Arab region, and to achieve the scheme of division and influence the nation state.

Details of the establishment of “Hasm” and why did Washington not list the Brotherhood as a terrorist group?

A meeting of the Egyptian Brotherhood leaders in Istanbul, in which they decided to establish the movement and train its members through Turkish intelligence in Sudan and Malaysia decisively puts Turkey and the Brotherhood against America. The Brotherhood denied its relationship with its terrorist cell and the American administration stated that its leaders are the Brotherhood and Turkish institutions are threatened with freezing their funds because of their relationship with Samahi, Moussa and the blood leaders.

The US State Department has included “Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis” group, the ISIS branch in Sinai, Egypt, and the “Egyptian arms movement” known as “Hasm” on the list of global terrorism.

The classification also included personalities associated with the “Hasm” organization, namely, Alaa Al-Samahi, the founder of the movement, who is Egyptian and currently in Turkey, and another leader in the movement called Yahya Moussa, who also resides in Turkey.

Here, an important question arises, which is if the movement affiliated with the group was included in the terrorist lists, then why was it not, by extension, that the planner and the financier, the “Brotherhood” group, was included and classified as a terrorist group?

The details of the establishment of the movement start from the year 2014, when the Brotherhood leaders who fled to Turkey agreed to revive the armed action of the group inside Egypt, through the formation of a new armed organization that takes several names such as “Egypt’s Arms” and “The Revolution Brigade”, and selecting its members who have the foundations. Physical and psychological elements of the revolutionary movement, and their inclusion of armed combat groups and their training inside and outside Egypt, and assigning them later to target institutions and symbols of the state to weaken the system and cause safe chaos.

The Egyptian security services revealed information that the leaders of the group residing in Turkey, namely Yahya al-Sayed Ibrahim Muhammad Musa, a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Azhar University, Mahmoud Muhammad Fathi Badr, an engineer, Ahmed Muhammad Abdul-Rahman, a doctor, Ali al-Sayyid Ahmad Batikh, a doctor, and Jamal Heshmat Abdel Hamid, a doctor, Qadri Muhammad Fahmy Mahmoud al-Sheikh, a pharmacist, and Salah al-Din Khaled Salah al-Din Fateen, a communications engineer. The aforementioned met in Istanbul, and decided to form an operations room abroad to coordinate with leaders of the group fleeing inside Egypt, including Muhammad Muhammad Kamal al-Din, a doctor from Assiut governorate and responsible for the quality committees within the group. Muhammad Rafiq Ibrahim Manna, a journalist from Alexandria governorate, and Magdy Musleh Shalash, a teacher Faculty of Studies at Al-Azhar University, Hamdi Taha Abdel-Rahim, a former member of the People’s Assembly during the Muslim Brotherhood era, and Mohamed Fouad.

All agreed to implement the mandate of the group’s senior leaders to form an armed military wing under the name “Hasm”. The information indicated that the leaders of the group agreed that Turkish intelligence agents would combat training in training camps in the State of Sudan during the regime of ousted President Omar al-Bashir, in camps in the Burri and Azhari neighborhoods in the capital Khartoum, and other camps in the city of Atbara. Its responsibility is assumed by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Tariq Syed Ahmed Abd al-Wahhab Farraj, while it was found that the members of the movement had been trained on intelligence work in Malaysia and Turkey.

It was agreed that Yahya al-Sayyid Ibrahim Musa, Ahmed Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Hadi, and Alaa Ali Ali al-Samahi would assume the actual and field leadership of the movement.

The information confirmed that Brotherhood officials had chosen the group’s members who were physically and psychologically prepared, and equipped them to carry out terrorist operations and assassinations.

The movement began to carry out several operations in Egypt, including the assassination of Counselor Hisham Barakat, the former Public Prosecutor, the attempt to assassinate Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Mufti of Egypt, the failed assassination attempt of Counselor Zakaria Abdulaziz Othman, the Assistant Public Prosecutor and Director of the Judicial Inspection Department at the Public Prosecution, and the attack on the police ambush Agizi in Menoufia.

Political researcher Ahmed Al-Bakri says that classifying the Hasm movement as a terrorist organization at a time when everyone knows that it is one of the military arms of the Muslim Brotherhood requires by extension the inclusion of the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, adding that since 2017 there have been discussions in America to include “Hasm” a terrorist organization, and the decision was issued.

After 4 years, which implies that the group should be on the list of terrorism and its inclusion and classification as a terrorist organization in the near future, especially since all information confirms the affiliation of the movement to the Brotherhood.

He added that the US administration included the branches on the list of terrorism, and the original Brotherhood group is still far from being classified, stressing that the Egyptian security services have succeeded in dismantling “Hasm” and aborted all their plans, and the movement has become non-existent or active on the ground since 2019, but the parent organization is still The Brotherhood is present, and it is possible to reproduce its armed and military arms with new names instead of those listed on the lists of terrorism.

He said that the ideal decision that everyone awaits is the inclusion of the Brotherhood as a terrorist group, for they are the root of the affliction, and the birthplace of all groups of violence and darkness, and from which all armed movements branched out.

He concluded by saying that the decision to include “Hasm” a terrorist organization is worthless, because there is virtually no presence on the ground in Egypt or in the world there is a movement called Hasm, while there is a terrorist group in the whole world and in Egypt that carries arms and produces violence that takes lives called “Brotherhood”.

Waleed Al-Ghamdi is Saudi-based independent researcher and political analyst. He tweets under @nofr2021.

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