ANALYSIS: Who flew from Pakistan via UK to Israel?


by Noor Dahri

Imran Khan finally chose his close aide and summoned him from overseas to deliver the sensitive message of Pakistan to Israel.

It was a morning of the last week of November 20 at around 8am, a British Airways flight BA0165 flew from London Heathrow airport to Tel Aviv. The person who booked a business class, travelled from Pakistan.

According to my Israeli Intel sources, in the last week of November 2020, the establishment of Pakistan along with the PM Imran Khan decided to send official message to Israel in order to start political and diplomatic talks with the state of Israel.

Imran Khan finally chose his close aide and summoned him from overseas to deliver the sensitive message of Pakistan to Israel. The PM’s advisor who lives in the UK and has also close relations with the Trump administration for the Middle-East took a flight from Islamabad to London from where he travelled on his foreign Passport directly to Tel Aviv.

As his visit was officially approved by the US and Israeli authorities, he was welcomed by the Israeli officials at Tel Aviv airport and escorted him to the foreign ministry of Israel where he met several political officials and diplomats and delivered the message of the Pakistani Prime Minister. He stayed a few days in Israel where he met with the director of Israeli intelligence Mossad Mr Yossi Cohen and delivered a secret message of Pakistan Army Chief.

My sources informed me that Pakistan wanted a support of Israel to halt down the current cold situation with the Arab countries as well as to support her in many international issues such as FATF as well as Indian lobbying against Pakistan.

In return, Pakistan would start political ties but in a very soft and conditional way with slow move due to the fear of religious bloc within the country. The state of Israel warmly welcomed the Pakistani approach and assured her to do the best to help Pakistan in the current hostile situation.

If Pakistan starts open political talks with the state of Israel, it would make her economically stable and could maintain friendly ties not only with Arab countries but also make a better image in the international community.

Pakistan is in a diplomatic, political and financial crises due to her cold relations with KSA and UAE. Since Pakistan stood with Turkey to provide help in several regional issues, the Arab countries that once had brotherly ties with Pakistan not only issued warnings but kept distance from her.

Imran’s government failed foreign policies in the Middle East which cost Pakistan a heavy price.

In the recent days, Indian Chief of the Army staff historically visited Saudi Arabi and UAE which alarmed Pakistan for her lost in regards to the old and warm relations with the Arab countries.

In the current situation, Pakistan had only hope to get her out of the disastrous situation which is to start political talk with Israel. Due to the unpleasant atmosphere with Arab countries, Pakistan decided to seek help from Israel in order to ease down the cold relations with KSA and UAE.

Source: Noor Dhari’s Tweet.

Noor Dhari is Executive Director of UK-based International Think Tank Group ITCTofficial. He tweets under @DahriNoor2.

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