Kurdish teenager gets killed in Turkey for listening to Kurdish music

Ankara – A Kurdish teenager was stabbed to death by three Turkish men on Sunday for listening to Kurdish music in Etimesgut area near Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, according to a media report.

20-year-old Baris Cakan was attacked and killed when he was out in a public park for “some fresh air” while listening to traditional Kurdish music, Mezopotamya Agency quotes Cakan’s family members.

According to the agency, Cakan’s cousin, Dogan Cakan was also attacked in a prior incident as well.

The governor’s office confirmed that the three suspects were immediately taken into custody and legal measures will be taken, but no further details have been given.

No further details have been reported.

There have always been fights between Turks and Kurds for centuries. The modern Turkish military regularly targets Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) based in Iraq, and in 2018 Turkish President Erdogan said he would launch a full blown operation against Kurds in Iraq.

The famous Turkish drama series Ertugrul Drillis vilified Kurds as “traitors”, which showed a negative character called as “Kurdoglu” meaning “son of a Kurd”, who is later publicly beheaded by Ertugrul.