OPINION: Some deceptive Palestinians who attack the Arab-hood from the Western camps


by Assem Alzahrani

Even Arabs are plotting and praying for destruction upon another…

A massive segment of Palestinians insult Saudi everyday. They belittle us, spend time and effort to degrade our image before the world.

They insult Arab-hood. Some get into governmental positions and journalist agencies in the countries they migrate to. Such as the case of Rashida Tlaib, in the U.S. and most of Al-Jazeera anchors in Qatar and western countries. Only to use those assets against Saudi Arabia.

The country which hosts million of them, funds the all of their governmental expenses, U.N. convoys. They make insulting drawings depicting Saudis and Arabs in the most mean terms.

They rant on social media about how Saudi and Alsaud are the cancer of Islam and through it’s destruction will Muslims unite and achieve prosperity.

They curse the day Saudi discovered it’s wealth and daydream about the day we run out of oil so we go back to live in the desert and ride camels. As if we would hate those humble days. Where we never knew about the cruelty an brainwashing which befell our neighbors and brothers after their colonization.

We came out of the deserts to see Arabic speaking people wearing western cloths, insulting Arabs and Arabic countries at every opportunity.

I read this on daily basis, I used to have hope for brotherhood and unity among us Muslims. But that is far fetched that even Arabs are plotting and praying for destruction upon one another.

Until, I realized that maybe I was looking at it from the wrong angle. After all, my wishful thinking is the reason I felt let down in the first place.

In the most brutally realist of terms, maybe they were conquered for a reason. Palestine never existed as an independent state, and although the cause of Palestine is being sold as an Islamic cause, that might never be the case!

Think about it, are they calling to establish a Sharia law abiding state? I beg to differ and laugh hysterically. For I have videos which I cannot post because of Ramadan, of Palestinian women, dancing with Israelis.

Someone might jump at me and claim that they are Drooz, Christian or whatever element of the ethnic milkshake which composes the Palestinian population, but I hate to break it to you, some were wearing a Hijab.

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