Saudi Govt. says: No ban on passengers with Iqama, family visa, business visa, and work visit visa

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Riyadh — The Saudi officials on Thursday clarified that the passengers with employment visa, family visit visa, business visa, and work visit visa are excluded from the travel restrictions.

Saudi Airlines gave a statement that they received directive from the concerned authorities about this matter. It said that, all the above mentioned visa categories are allowed in the Kingdom until further notice.

About the people who have valid multiple reentry visit visas, and have left the Kingdom but did not visit any of the countries affected by the new Coronavirus during the period of two weeks before their arrival in the Kingdom. The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) stated that they are excluded from the restriction.

According to Saudi Gazette, the travel restrictions stipulate that tourism visa has been suspended for all passengers and airline crew coming from countries such as China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Macao, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, Singapore, India, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah chaired on Thursday the 8th meeting of the higher level committee concerned with following up of the Coronavirus related health situation in the Kingdom.

The ministry affirmed that these procedures are temporary, and are subjected to continuous evaluation by the authorities.