Hindutva “thugs” responsible for India’s Delhi riots: US Attorney and ED of Human Rights

Washington – Executive Director of Human Rights Watch and American Attorney Kenneth Roth on Thursday said that a local Hindu nationalist and his “thugs” are responsible for latest riots in India’s capital city of Delhi.

Mr. Roth tweeted, “The latest round of sectarian violence in Delhi began when a local Hindu nationalist politician (photo) insisted that police remove a group of Muslims protesters or his thugs would.”

The attorney outrightly blamed the Indian Prime Minister and said, “PM Modi’s selective impunity encourages such Hindu nationalist assaults.”

The tweet received around 2150 retweets and was liked by 4171 people including Indian actress and social activist Sawara Bhaskar.

Violence that erupted in the north east Delhi has officially claimed over 24 lives and over 180 people are injured, while the social media reports have claimed that the unofficial figures are triple.

Muslim houses and businesses are burnt and razed down to ground.

The voilence was alledgedly triggered after BJP’s Kapil Mishra had made intimidating and provocating speeches against anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protestors.

Indian government under Prime Minister Modi passed the controversial bill in parliament in December 2019. The law paves the way for minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to get the Indian citizenship, but the critics say it is biased against Muslims, since it’s only applicable for Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, and Parsis, excluding the Muslim migrants.