OPINION: Trump dared to go against the U.S. paradigm vis-a-vis the Middle East region


by Usman Khan

Trump has challenged the American establishment i.e. the Zionist Lobby calling the shots vis-a-vis Iran’s imposition as a power house in the region.

We woke up to the news on Friday that General Soleimani was killed by an American Air Strike in Baghdad. Since then, we have been trying to assess and analyze the situation as it is on ground. I see the situation at opposite to what Sunnis in general have been talking about it.

I’ll begin the story from the end of the Israel-Egypt war of 1967. Israeli supremacy was established beyond doubt and all the Arab capitals of the world were given a shut-up call for indulging in any military adventure targeting Israel.

Egypt after Nasser, came closer to Israel as highlighted in the camp David meeting between Sadaat and his Israeli counter part. Israel and America did not want any military intervention over Palestine with a conventional army, that’s why after hardly 12 years, a “death to Israel” sloganeering government was set up in Iran.

The Khomeinist government was launched as an Anti-Israel brand, albeit a counterfeit one, but marketeers know that in the presence of such a brand, a new brand will require a lot of effort. So a vocal Anti-Israel brand keeps shouting death to Israel, but almost never ever lends hands to other Muslim countries to launch an attack inside Israel? The way Iran has launched proxies inside Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain to export Khomeinism, why hasn’t it done anything to Israel?

The Zionist plan is very simple, and that is something which classical Muslim scholars of the past like Ibn Taymiyya prophesized eight centuries ago in his magnum opus, Minhaj us Sunnah.

Ibn Taymiyya writes, “if there ever would be a possibility of a Jewish state in Iraq or adjoining countries, you will find that Shiites will be their biggest supporters.”

The American Administration since 1979 has been trying to dis-posess Saudi Arabia and Sunni Islam from the Middle East. They have tried helter-skelter to impose Khomeinist brand of twelver Shiism across the region.

Iran-Contra Affair

Starting from the Iran-Contra affair where the Reagan Administration was caught red-handed trading weapons to Khomeinist Iran via Israel in 1980 during the Iran-Iraq war, to the twice invasion of Iraq by US forces first in the Gulf War in the 1990s and then in 2003 under the guise of War on Terror.

Two invasions of Iraq since 1979, which shares a border with Iran to kick out Saddam still doesn’t ring bells in Sunni ears? Why didn’t America for once invade Iran if it was so big an enemy with it? The Arab Spring in 2011 was craftily planned, and then when it came to the noose of Shiite Assad in Syria, America along with Iranian support didn’t let the Bashar Government down.

The P5+1 Nuclear deal was again meant to facilitate Iran, and drop all sanctions. This saw the rise of Iranian militias participating hand in gloves with American forces in Iraq and Syria to drive out ISIS. How is America who is an enemy of Iran, ganging up with Iran against ISIS? What does it prove? Does it still leave anything to the Sunni imagination?

It is really surprising that two of Iran’s neighbors get invaded twice since 1979, and not once is the media propelled “Islamic Republic of Iran” targeted. Is it pure coincidence or has Ibn Taymiyya’s prophecy come true? The question nevertheless remains – has Israel gained from these two invasions or suffered from it? And if Israel has gained, hasn’t Khomeinist Iran been it’s biggest bastion and firewall?

Come Muhammad bin Salman, and we see a different ball game altogether in the way Saudi Arabia starts approaching foreign policy. MBS quickly steps up the gas in Yemen to bamboozle American-Iranian efforts to tighten a noose around Saudi Arabia. He silences pro-Iran voices inside Saudi Arabia by putting to the sword the rabble-rouser hysterics such as Al Nimr and others. Khamenei and his co-religionists who were dancing at the death of Baqir Al Nimr saying that now the end of MBS and his father are near must now look at their own backyard. Their biggest strategist, Soleimani has been eliminated with nothing remaining of his corpse except a hand with a red stone on it.

Why has America done what it did today, for that we need to recollect all that I have written above. This was American policy till date.

With Trump in power, he threw away the P5+1 deal away. Why? Because he saw the previous American foreign policy overtures as part of a Zionist plan to just keep American money embroiled in the region. With the sword hanging on Trump and his presidential tenure following calls for Impeachment, it was only a matter of time before Trump causes complete damage to the Zionist Lobby designs in US Congress.

The end of Soleimani may mark the beginning of the end of Pax-Iranica in the region. MBS has worked beautifully behind the scenes to demoralize Khameneist designs in the region.

Trump has challenged the American Establishment i.e. the Zionist Lobby calling the shots vis-a-vis Iran’s imposition as a power house in the region. If he may go, but just before he leaving office he has dealt a low blow to the clandestine Israel-Iran nexus in the region. Put it in simple words, what Trump has done is an outlier and must be treated as such. He went against the norms of the US paradigm vis-a-vis the Middle East region. The constant is what I have highlighted above that how America has facilitated Iran since the Khomeinist revolution.

Will Iran react?

Iran can do no such thing besides burning embassies and roads. That’s what it did in the Vali-e-Faqih’s tenure. When Iran collaborates behind the scenes with America while keeping the US embassy in captivity and that too under Khomeini, (reference to the Iran Contra Affair) what can Iran do under Khamenei?

Iran is propped up on the shoulders of Russia and US along with covert Israeli help at the helm, it is in no position to hurt any strategic US facility in America or in the ME region. The most it can do is fire some missiles.

Go fire them, but rest assured, Aramco still didn’t suffer from their missiles. MBS is awake and so is the Gulf. Iran will try to hurt Saudi Arabia nevertheless. Because that it’s ultimate enemy in the region. Let’s wait what happens in the impeachment vote, till then nothing will happen. After Trump is gone, the maximum Iran will do is try to attack Saudi. But this time, Saudi Arabia will react, and time will tell how Tehran will be overpowered by Riyadh in this show down minus American support to Iran.

Usman Khan is an independent Political commentator from Indian subcontinent.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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