Hollywood actor John Cusack tweets about Hyderabad’s million march against India’s Citizenship Law

Illinois/Hyderabad(India) — The veteran Hollywood actor John Cusack on Sunday tweeted about Hyderabad’s million march with the title “Hyderabad ka Dum” to express his solidarity with the peaceful protestors who took part in the protest against India’s controversial Citizenship law.

The 53-year-old American actor cum screenwriter and producer, has been very vocal against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) for the past couple of days. On the same day, he also tweeted a picture comparing Indian PM Modi with the infamous German-Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The Indian government has witnessed violent protests against the Citizenship law which was passed by Modi government in December 2019, which aims at granting India citizenship to only Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians while barring Muslims.

However, Hyderabad’s protests were peaceful without any incident of violence.

They held the placards with slogans including “withdraw CAA immediately”, and “India’s only religion is secularism”.

Some of the protestors raised creative slogans including “Dada Ladey the Goron se, Hum Ladenge Choron se” – “Grandpa fought the British and we’ll fight the thieves”.

If CAA combined with a proposed national register of citizens (NRC), critics fear it will discriminate against minority Muslims in India and damage India’s secular constitution.

Meanwhile, the new law also drew criticism in United Nations, terming it as “fundamentally discriminatory”.