The Jacket MBS wore goes “Out of Stock” as everyone goes crazy about his fashion style


by Marium Nabbout

A few local retailers have already realized that an “MBS seal of approval” on a product makes it sell.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is widely known as the man who brought modern changes to the kingdom. Now it seems he’ll be known for his fashion sense, too. 

This past weekend, the royal turned into a fashion icon of sorts after millions of Saudis went into a meltdown over a jacket he wore while attending the Formula E races event held in Riyadh on Friday. 

MBS arrived at the event dressed for the weather, donning a navy-colored Barbour jacket over the traditional Saudi thobe. He complemented his outfit with Tom Ford aviator sunglasses and a pair of black Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 trainers. 

It didn’t take long before images of his outfit flooded social media, sparking a frenzy quite like nothing we’ve seen before. People took particular interest in his Barbour jacket, which many claimed sold out on the British heritage brand’s website. Though their site doesn’t display info regarding online stock availability, hundreds of Saudis shared receipts of their jacket purchase … so it really is selling out pretty fast. 

The meltdown was so real, someone even launched a hashtag dedicated to MBS’ jacket and now people are sharing tips on where to find similar winter wear.

Saudi women found a fitting version of the garment and so did kids. 

But to be fair and square, the model isn’t new and has been in shops for year. 

A few local retailers have already realized that an “MBS seal of approval” on a product makes it sell. To make sure they’ll cash in on his jacket trend, tens of them advertised mock-ups of signature Barbour coats. 

The British brand is known for its waterproof and waxed raincoats and has always been quite popular among British royalty. 

The MBS effect?

Some tweeps shared information about tens of thousands browsing the Barbour jacket online, hoping to get their hands on one. 

Some are showing their wardrobe to prove the’ve had it all along … even though it’s not the same

Saudi winter style summed up

Couldn’t find the Barbour jacket? No problem

Saudi women found a version for themselves

Some want MBS’ entire outfit

“This winter is sponsored by the crown prince”

Naturally, jacket memes had to surface

Saudi retailers are stocking up on this item

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