Pro Healthywayz company grabs Brand Icon of the Year Awards 2019

New Delhi – Among India’s biggest achievers, admirable entrepreneurs and generous philanthropists, Pro Healthywayz International is awarded for its Brand “JustVeda” as The Best Ayurvedic Health Supplements and Personal care products in India. National business icons were in attendance at this event held in New Delhi.

The occasion was also graced by top celebrities from Bollywood, Arbaz Khan awarded the champions and added a touch of glitz and glamour.

Speaking at the event, PS Charann, the Diamond Executive of Pro Healthywayz International said, “We are a Direct Selling Company. We sell personal care, skin care, hair care, nutraceutical, Ayurvedic and FMCG products through Direct Selling. We provide free enterprise and free entrepreneurship opportunity to many people throughout India.”

Brand Icon of the Year 2019 is a truly unique affair, for what it does of the achievers in India; recognizing their journey into the fast lane and propelling them into limelight. These brands have pushed all possible boundaries, and nurtured a passion for innovation, continuously seeking out ways to do and make things better.

Their success is sure to inspire many and give us faith in a better tomorrow.