OPINION: Reasons for the growing phenomenon of Atheism


by Turki al-Owerde

The danger of atheism is the dictatorship of knowledge

I think that the growing phenomenon of atheism globally is due to three reasons, two are fundamentals and the other is sub.

  • The first fundamental reason is the inability of the religious moral and intellectual western system to cope with the arguments of atheism.
  • The sub-reason is the centrality of Western culture to the world from the Renaissance until today.

The central crisis lies in the nature of the Christianity with its theological contradictions, the incompatibility with objective logic or objective morality. In addition to a significant lack of constitutional and regulatory legislation for all aspects of life.

Also, Christianity lacks consistent normative rules through which different patterns and behaviors can be tried. The crisis is deeply rooted in the cultural methodological foundations of the West, where the same crisis moved from Europe to the two Americas.

Following the civilizational defeat of Islamic world and because of the centrality of Western culture in modern ages, most Muslim societies have adopted Western approaches that have in one way or another produced the same results, albeit in different proportions.

I agree with a conclusion that atheism intellectually and morally is a mad phase and an extreme loss of balance. Atheism does not reach the stage where it can be considered false, where there is no methodology consistent with the necessary mental principles or objective morality.

The danger of atheism is the dictatorship of knowledge, where all atheistic patterns reject the other reliable sources of knowledge and limit the sources of knowledge to the scientific methodology (Changeable Models).

The crisis of the new atheism is that its geographical centrality is located in the West, where it faces only the methodology of Christianity, which initially failed to meet human need intellectually and morally.

Third reason for the expansion of the phenomenon of atheism, which is the general cognitive weakness, especially religious among Muslims, despite having the best methodology at all that consistent with the necessary mental principles and objective morality.

Richard Dawkins, one of the great advocators of the new atheism, admits in an interview that he knows nothing about the god of Islam (Allah). How on earth you would reject something that you have no clue about?

Many elitist and populist atheist philosophers alike acknowledge that there is no moral ground in atheism, and this reflects how atheism represents the greatest danger to human existence even more than religious extremism and terrorism.

In atheism there is no moral ground or moral authority from which to criminalize elimination of all mankind, while Islam simply criminalizes aggression and the killing of innocent people even one single person through clear texts.

Religious terrorism is consistent with atheism, because terrorists with “alleged” religious references consider themselves gods or agents of God and thus they justify everything to themselves.

The phenomenon of atheism in the Islamic world is due to the abandonment of Islam, transforming it into local fragmented ideologies and the adoption of Western and eastern approaches that failed to provide an integrated system religiously, intellectually and morally in the societies in which they originated.

Turki al-Owerde is an independent Political Analyst and Commentator. He tweets under @Turki_AlOwerde.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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