Iran recruits children under “Scouts of Mahdi” in Syria for military purposes

Tehran — Iran’s Mullah regime has opened a branch of the “Scouts of the Mahdi” in the Syria’s eastern city of Deir al-Zour to recruit children for Shiism indoctrination and military purposes, pro-regime Facebook page “Echo of Deir al-Zour” reported on Sunday.

“Scouts of the Mahdi” operates under the umbrella of “Popular Committee for Syrian-Iranian Friendship” organization which primarily focuses on recruiting individuals for political purposes and to ensure its continued penetration in the region, Neda Syria Call newsagency reported.

The children through these organizations receive training similar to soldiers in military units in the special training sites equipped with tools to jump and crawl.

Neda Syria Call reported that these organizations target children in the area through extremist Shitte religious lessons and prepare them to be a “fuel for the implementation of Iran’s foreign policies”.

Iran has spent billions in recruiting fighters and militias in Syria. According to The National Interest there are around 10000 to 12000 Afghan foreign fighters under Iran has fought for Bashar al-Assad since the Syrian revolution.