Iran-backed Houthis and ISIS are same, both use Jihad and God’s religion as pretext, says Yemeni Politician Ali Albukhaiti


Sana — Yemeni politician Ali Albukhaiti who has over a million followers on Twitter called on the International community to deal toughly with the Iran-backed Houthis and said they are same like ISIS as both use pretext of Jihad and spreading God’s religion.

In a series of Tweets, Albukhaiti highlighted that the Houthis and ISIS have one thing in common that is—using religious texts of Jihad and spreading God’s religion as a pretext to spread their terror wings.

“If the world had let ISIS establish their own state in Iraq and Syria, they would have used residents in their religious, useless wars and threatened their neighbors and the international waterways, just like Houthis do in Yemen,” Albukhaiti tweeted.

He said that Houthis have committed the crimes which even ISIS might not have done, referring to blowing up homes of opponents.

Houthis are playing cleverly by not attacking the foreigners so that they can escape drawing the attention of International community, Albukhaiti said.

“Houthis have realized that they won’t draw the attention of the Int’l community to their terrorism as long as they don’t target foreigners. They learned from what happened to their partners in terrorism: ISIS & AQAP,” said Albukhaiti.

Eventually, he warned the International community that Houthis pretend to seek peace and power-sharing while their acts of terrorism speak otherwise.

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